Ongoing Geriatric Care Management

Your Elder Experts provides ongoing Geriatric Care Management to elders and other people living with chronic illnesses, allowing us to ensure that all aspects of the care plan are implemented and monitored.

Ongoing Geriatric Care Management may include:

  • Consulting with medical professionals and acting as partner in navigating the health care system
  • Accompanying clients to medical and other professional appointments
  • Finding appropriate housing and assisting with the transition
  • Managing and monitoring the ongoing appropriateness of the plan of care
  • Arranging and managing home health-care services and other home services
  • Identifying and connecting with community resources
  • Acting as a liaison between family members or caregivers and elders
  • Guiding elders and their families through major life transitions
  • Family education, counseling, and support
  • Pursuing eligible insurance coverage and advocating for our clients
  • Providing the objectivity and expertise that elders and their families may need as they face difficult decisions
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In Capable and Caring Hands

Two years ago, I was faced with the problem of caring for a father with advanced Alzheimer’s, while my stepmother began showing signs of declining mental capacity. Both were still living at home, and wanted to stay there. I had no idea where to turn, what was available to them or what to do next in order to keep them safe. I was totally overwhelmed, and realized I needed an additional support system for my family – and quickly.
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