Your Elder Experts is a professional private-pay program, offering the following services:


One-time or short-term with clients, family members, and/or caregivers.

Initial Assessment

Work done on a client’s behalf during the opening of a case, including face-to-face contact with the client, family, and caregivers, as well as telephone and email contact. This may include information gathering and research.

Information Gathering and Research

Time spent researching potential resources, as well as contact with current care providers. This includes gathering information from doctors, lawyers, non-family caregivers, home-care agencies, community agencies, residential facilities, and other community resources.

Care Management

Direct care after an assessment has been completed. This includes contact with clients, family, caregivers, and community agencies involved with the client, whether face-to-face, or by telephone, email, fax, and/or letter, as well as errands, shopping, reports to the family and any administrative support.

Doctor Visits

Accompanying clients to physician appointments, communicating with the doctor, and any necessary followup.


Round-trip travel time to any location on behalf of the client, when the client is not in the car. Travel is billed at half the care management hourly rate.


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"I have found Your Elder Experts to be a wonderful resource for many of our patients, easy to reach, easy to work with, lots of ideas and services. Collaborating with a Geriatric Care Manager makes my job easier and assures appropriate follow through for my patients." ----A Boston-area geriatrician