If you are caring for an elder, Your Elder Experts can help. We understand how caregiving can overwhelm your best intentions. We provide the expertise and guidance that only professionals can. Partnering with a Geriatric Care Manager can help caregivers restore the balance to their lives and once again become a wife, husband, daughter, son, or friend.

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  • Provide respite for a caregiver
  • Help you through a medical or emotional crisis
  • Advocate for an elder to get appropriate medical care and social services
  • Guide seniors and their caregivers toward appropriate housing
  • Explain available community resources
  • Help with decision-making and planning
  • Provide reassurance that you are on the right track
  • Educate you on end-of-life issues

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Dealing with Dementia

Mr. and Mrs. Marks, a loving couple, had been living in their own home. He was 85 years old and she was 75. He had been a successful chemical engineer, and she was a gifted artist and gallery owner, and the homemaker for the family. Their two children lived out of state, in Maine and Pennsylvania.

Problem: Mrs. Marks was diagnosed with early dementia. Although still driving, she was having difficulty managing their home, organizing and structuring her day, and her husband needed respite.
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