"I have found Your Elder Experts to be a wonderful resource for many of our patients, easy to reach, easy to work with, lots of ideas and services. Collaborating with a Geriatric Care Manager makes my job easier and assures appropriate follow through for my patients." ----A Boston-area geriatrician

Physicians who care for the elderly understand perhaps more than most the challenges of aging successfully. Family members and elders often turn to their doctors for guidance, many times about issues well beyond their role as medical managers.

Consider referring elders, their families, or caregivers to Your Elder Experts if your patient:
  • Is having trouble following instructions, taking medications, or is too overwhelmed to understand them
  • Is missing appointments or calling frequently
  • Is unable to coordinate complicated decision-making and necessary care
  • Would benefit from someone to update family members on a medical condition, current medications, or prescribed care
  • Requires a move to an assisted-living facility or nursing home
  • Is making repeated hospital or emergency room visits
  • Needs an advocate in negotiating a complicated health-care system
  • Has family members who have limited time, resources, and expertise or live at a distance
  • Has family members or caregivers who are exhausted and need support and guidance
  • Has family members who disagree about next steps
  • Needs assistance with end-of-life issues and coordination of services
  • Has limited or no social support

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A Physician's Concern

Success Story:  Dr. Ethan Summers is a well-respected cardiologist; Mr. Michael Fisher is his patient. Mr. Fisher’s heart problems are minor, but Dr. Summers still scheduled appointments with him every three months or so, just to keep an eye on Mr. Fisher and his wife.

Mr. Fisher has untreated mid-stage Alzheimer’s disease, and Mrs. Fisher recently had a fall, and so is not driving.

Problem: Dr. Summers discovered that Mr. Fisher had driven on his own to his appointment at the large urban medical center, after his wife’s fall had made it impossible for her to drive him in.

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