Ask the Experts: Housing

Your Elder Experts is dedicated to helping seniors live independently in their own homes whenever possible – and for as long as possible. We offer the broadest network of services to seniors throughout Greater Boston to allow them to reach this goal.

My mother isn’t ready to move yet but needs more help. How should I proceed?

You and your aging parent may benefit from an assessment by either a geriatric care manager or a social worker from the local senior services center or Council on Aging. Many towns have social workers available for assessments and consultations as well. There are many home-based and community programs that are designed to help support seniors in their wish to remain at home.

I need to move my aging parents here from out of state. What kind of housing is available? What are the issues I should be thinking about?

The two most important questions regarding senior housing are (1 what kind of support do they require to be safe and well cared for in their home, and (2 what can they afford?

There are housing options for elders that range from independent or assisted living to nursing home levels of care. Whenever possible it is important to make a move that will last, if not for a lifetime, then for at least a few years as moving is very taxing on elders.

Whether you are wealthy or living on a low/fixed income there are options for housing that can meet your needs. Discussing the different housing options with a Geriatric Care Manager from Your Elder Experts can be helpful in understanding the differences between communities for elders. The Are Manager can help you determine which community most closely matches your aging parents’ needs.

I live in Pennsylvania and my elderly parents live in the Boston area. They do not want to move, but their lives are becoming much more complicated. When I visit I notice that they have declined and sometimes seem overwhelmed. Can you help?

It is very difficult to be a long-distance caregiver. If your elderly parents are open to having some assistance, introducing a Geriatric Care Manager may be extremely helpful for them and for you. A Care Manager can provide a thorough assessment of your parents’ needs, develop a plan to meet their current needs, and then manage and monitor their situation over time. From arranging for home care services to advocating at medical appointments, a Geriatric Care Manager can stabilize your parents’ living situation and provide you with much needed peace of mind. A Care Manager can be your eyes and ears as well as a support for you while allowing you to focus on the rest of your life.

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