Your Elder Experts understand the issues people face as they grow older. Our emphasis is on helping you live as independently as possible, supported by professionals who care. We collaborate with elder law attorneys and financial advisors for our client’s estate planning. We have long-standing working relationships with private duty home care providers to best match their services to your needs.

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  • Learn how to best plan for your future
  • Find out which resources are appropriate for you
  • Understand which benefits and insurance you are entitled to
  • Explore options for living independently or at an assisted-living facility, retirement community, or nursing home
  • Learn what programs are available for your family members or caregivers
  • Receive guidance around how to discuss difficult issues with your family
  • Make decisions about your future that feel right

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An Elder Living Alone

Success Story: Sylvia was an 85-year old woman, living alone in her apartment, and known to be a hoarder. Her husband Saul, the love of her life, was in a nursing home for long-term care, because of many medical complications.

Problem: Sylvia needed help with filling out the Medicaid paperwork for her husband's nursing home.

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