Sometimes the best way you can care for an older family member is to find a professional to partner with for support and guidance. Your Elder Experts specialize in assisting older people throughout Greater Boston with issues that arise as they age. We offer the expertise of experienced Geriatric Care Managers and the compassion of family members.

Call Your Elder Experts for help when:
  • An elder needs someone at medical appointments to help understand instructions and make sure they are followed
  • You need guidance on resources, medical care, or end-of-life decisions
  • Your family needs help with communication and decision making
  • You want a professional to help mediate differences of opinion about care options
  • You live at a distance or don’t have a close relationship with your relative, but want to be sure they are well cared for
  • You live in Greater Boston and need advice about how best to move your parents closer to you
  • You want to know if an elder is receiving all the benefits and services for which they are eligible
  • You need someone to coordinate a range of services, including medical, home care, and community supports


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A Daughter's Dilemma

Success Story: Dr. Joanne Williams is a medical researcher in the Boston area, with a busy schedule and two adolescent children. Her parents live a two-hour drive away, in the town where Joanne grew up. Her father had been the town doctor and her mother was socially active.

Problem: They are failing and seem unable to manage their house or their lives independently.

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