Elder Care Professionals

"I really appreciate the relationship that we have developed with your office and I am very happy to refer cases to you and your excellent staff of care managers. It's nice giving out a name with total confidence that your clients will be well taken care of."                                     
                                            ----- a Boston elder law attorney

Elder law attorneys, financial planners, visiting nurses, or senior housing managers sometimes encounter an older person who needs the care or services Your Elder Experts can provide.

Geriatric Care Management is a valuable service you can offer your clients when they:

  • Need an advocate for dealing with an issue beyond your professional abilities
  • Require extra help, but whose family has limited time, resources, and expertise or lives at a distance
  • Have a family or caregiver who is exhausted and needs support and guidance
  • Are facing end-of-life issues requiring sensitive coordination of services
  • Are expecting home care staff to take on responsibilities that exceed what they were hired to do
  • Need to transition into more appropriate housing and need an objective evaluation of what to do
  • Appear to no longer be able to take care of himself, and/or his home
  • Appear to have a change in health or mental status
  • Have family members who disagree about next steps

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An Elder Law Attorney

Success Story: Daniel Stevens, an elder law attorney, had accepted a case that was supposed to be simple: Create a will, a Health Care Proxy, and a Durable Power of Attorney for an 82-year-old man.

Problem: Mr. Stevens realized the elder seemed unable to handle his finances or make decisions. He visited the man at home, where he lived alone, and noticed peeling wallpaper, leaks, and unkempt rooms.

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