Your Elder Experts has specialized expertise and experience to help people with Parkinson’s disease, their families, and care partners.

Day-to-day management of Parkinson’s disease involves a complex balance of drug interventions, communication with an increasing cast of physicians and specialists, emotional support, and family education. Caring for someone often requires balancing the timing of medications with physician visits, meals, activities, and trying to lead a normal life.

Your Elder Experts draws on resources, networking, and support services to improve the quality of life of people with Parkinson's and their families. We partner with the JF&CS Charlotte & Richard Okonow Parkinson’s Family Support program to provide a wide array of specific supports and services for clients and families. Programs include therapeutic movement and dance, the Tremble Clefs choral group, and therapeutic drumming classes. In addition, JF&CS offers a variety of support groups for care partners and adult children of a parent with Parkinson’s.

A consultation can include any combination of clients, their families/care partners, and other concerned parties for a one time meeting or more if needed.

We will:

  • Engage in a conversation regarding safety, medical, emotional, financial and logistical concerns
  • Discuss how to best address those concerns and educate all parties on resources and options of care
  • Create a roadmap that tailors resources and suggestions based on individual needs. This may include referrals for estate planning, services to remain at home, housing alternatives, and community resources.

Your Elder Experts provides ongoing care management allowing us to ensure that all aspects of the plan of care are implemented and monitored. Ongoing care management may include the following:

  • Medical management: coordinate discharge planning, navigate medical appointments and advocate with facilities and healthcare providers
  • Housing: Find appropriate and supportive housing and ensure a successful transition
  • Aging in place: Ensure all necessary supports are established to successfully age in place
  • Referrals:
    • Resources and support for Alzheimer's and other dementias, Parkinson's and other chronic illnesses
    • homecare services
    • medical providers, elder law attorneys, financial advisors and others
    • relevant community resources
  • Education and supportive coaching: for our clients, their family, and/or care partners
  • Assistance with Advanced Directives: ensure our clients understand their options and have advanced directives in place
  • Understanding medical insurance and benefits: with the goal of maximizing resources for the long run

We provide a full suite of care management services uniquely crafted to address our clients’ needs and improve quality of life.

Ensuring your home is safe for you and your needs.

We offer home visits with an experienced occupational therapist to identify mobility and functioning concerns and provide suggestions and resources for improving safety and independence. The assessment may occur in person or virtually, and will include:

  • Getting in and out of bed and bathroom
  • Lighting and furniture placement to avoid falls
  • Learning about equipment to make daily activities easier, such as getting clothes on
  • Training care givers to help maximize participation in tasks and avoid injury
  • Identifying strategies for assisting memory with medications and appointments
  • Promoting participation in hobbies and leisure activities
  • Information and referral for services outside of scope

We also collaborate with JF&CS Alzheimer’s/Related Disorders Family Support. Programs include the Memory Café, a welcoming space for people with memory changes and their care partners, and Balancing Act Support and Education Group, a monthly support and discussion group for adults coping with a family member's dementia.